1) Full installation instructions on Ubuntu LTS 16.04.2:

Instructions on how to install adaguc-services, adaguc-viewer and adaguc-server on ubuntu can be found here:

These are also used to create the preinstalled virtual machine.

2) Docker

See the Docker page.

3) Quick install ADAGUCServer

When all prerequisites are met (Required libraries and a web server supporting CGI scripts), ADAGUC server can be installed in the following way:

  1. cd # Home dir
  2. git clone
  3. cd ~/adagucserver
  4. bash
  5. cp ~/adagucserver/data/cgi-bin/adaguc.testdata.cgi <your cgi-bin directory>
  6. chmod +x <your cgi-bin directory>adaguc.testdata.cgi
  7. ADAGUCServer is now accessible in your webbrowser via: http://&lt;your host>/cgi-bin/adaguc.testdata.cgi?service=WMS&REQUEST=GetCapabilities
  8. This URL can be explored in an ADAGUC viewer with access to your host via "Add Layers"->"Add Custom WMS Service"->Enter your URL in the box and press "Enter"
  9. GetMap looks like,-27.842459360000003,72.34692747602523,33.27567136&STYLES=testdata%2Fnearestcontour&FORMAT=image/png&TRANSPARENT=TRUEx%x%
  10. Complete!

Note: If CURL,GDAL and POSTGRESQL are missing, you can still compile by adding the following line before step 5:


This only uses SQLITE, without CURL, GDAL and POSTGRESQL, e.g. WMS ONLY! If you have all prerequisites, leave this out.

4) Quick install ADAGUCViewer

  1. cd <your documentroot directory>
  2. git clone
  3. Visit http://&lt;your host>/adagucviewer
  4. Complete!
    Adjust adagucviewer/config.js to add your own services, or just use "Add Layers"->"Add Custom WMS Service"->Enter your URL in the box and press "Enter".

5) Complete installation instructions for other OS's

Installation on Ubuntu

There is a detailed description available for installing Adaguc on Ubuntu, this has been used to create the virtual machine available from Preinstalled_virtual_environment

Installation on Fedora, KNMI workstations

Installation on Red Hat 6 (related systems: Scientific Linux, Fedora)

Shell script and configuration file examples

  1. Shell script templates can be found here: The shell script template needs to be put in your cgi-bin directory. It sets environment variables and calls the adaguc executable. Make sure it has the right permissions: readable and executable by the webserver. See Overview for details.
  2. For sample config scripts you can look here:

ADAGUC installation environment variables

Before you do, you can set the environment variable ADAGUCCOMPONENTS to select which components to include. Possible components are:

  1. -DADAGUC_USE_GDAL - Compile with GDAL, enables the Web Coverage Service
  2. -DADAGUC_USE_POSTGRESQL - Compile with PostgreSQL, supports the PostGresql database
  3. -DADAGUC_USE_SQLITE - Supports the SQLITE database
  4. -DENABLE_CURL - Compile with CURL, used for cascaded WMS services.
  5. -DADAGUC_USE_KDCMONGODB - Compile KDC MongoDB support (boost and mongodb client required)
  6. -DADAGUC_USE_WEBP - Compile Google WEBP support for exporting images, needs package libweb-dev installed


You can select the ones you which via de environment variable ADAGUCCOMPONENTS. For example if you want a WMS without GDAL, PostgreSQL (No WCS!), you can set: