Font (location,size)

Configures the font for various elements in the service.

TitleFont is used when the &title="The title" string is added to the GetMap request, SubTitleFont is used when the &subtitle="The subtitle" is added to the GetMap request. DimensionFont is used to display dimensions inside the GetMap image, by adding &showdims=true to the GetMap request. ContourFont is used for display in contourlines, GridFont is used when displaying a grid layer.

  • location - The location of the TTF font file to use
  • size - The size in pixels of the font
    <TitleFont location="/data/fonts/verdana.ttf" size="19"/>
    <SubTitleFont location="/data/fonts/verdana.ttf" size="10"/>
    <DimensionFont location="/data/fonts/verdana.ttf" size="7"/>
    <ContourFont location="/data/fonts/verdana.ttf" size="7"/>
    <GridFont location="/data/fonts/verdana.ttf" size="5"/>