FilePath (filter, maxquerylimit, ncml) <value>

  • filter - A regular expression, used to filter files inside a directory
  • maxquerylimit - The maximum amount of time values will be used in the single request
  • ncml - The ncmlfile to apply, see for details
  • <value> - Directory, file or OpenDAP url

The following configuration adds all files in the specified directory matching the regular expression ^KMDS__TEST_P___1M_OBS__L2__.*\.nc$ to the service:

  <FilePath filter="^KMDS__TEST_P___1M_OBS__L2__.*\.nc$">/data/sdpkdc/kmds/</FilePath>


  • In case a file or OpenDAP URL is given, the filter can be set to "" or can be left blank.
  • If you would like to filter specific files you can use regular expressions.
    For example, if you would like to filter the following files based on prefixes:
      You can use the filter "^CFD_index.*$" and "^FD_index.*$" respectively.
  • The default to scan all files with .nc extension is "^.*\.nc$"


  • Allows you to set the maximum query limit of the database, default is 512 entries. Overrides the settings set in the DataBase configuration.