Docker compose for both adaguc-viewer and adaguc-server

The docker compose file allows you to setup the server and the viewer simultaneously with one command, it provides a complete environment where you can view your own files with the adaguc-viewer.

This document provides instructions on how to set this up on your own workstation:

Docker for adaguc-server

A prebuild docker image is available from openearth @ dockerhub The dockerfile is located at

To get it running do the following:

docker pull openearth/adaguc-server
mkdir $HOME/data/adaguc-autowms
mkdir $HOME/data/adaguc-datasets
docker run -i -p 9000:8080 -e EXTERNALADDRESS=http://localhost:9000/ -v $HOME/data/adaguc-datasets:/data/adaguc-datasets -v $HOME/data/adaguc-autowms:/data/adaguc-autowms openearth/adaguc-server

You can copy NetCDF, KNMI-HDF5 and GeoJSON to the ~/data/adaguc-autowms/ directory. This will be served through adaguc-server, via the source= key value pair. is copied there by default.

It is also possible to explore remote OpenDAP URL's, for example:


Docker on workshop VM image:

To start the container in the pre-installed VM (Preinstalled_virtual_environment_2017) run:

sudo docker run -i -t --net adagucnet --ip -v /data:/data openearth/adaguc-server
#Password = adaguc