Dataset (enabled, location)

  • enabled - Set to "true" to enable this feature
  • location - A directory where dataset configuration files are located
  • Note that the DATASET identifier from the URL is escaped, the ':' and '/' characters become '_' on the filesystem. The .xml extension will be appended by the server.

Dataset can be used to point to a part of a configuration file which will be included in the main configuration file. This is useful for configuring new services with small configuration files. The configuration files can be loaded by setting the dataset=<name> key value pair in the url.

<Dataset enabled="true" location="/data/services/config/datasets"/>

And URL:
will load additional configuration file /data/services/config/datasets/8f0ca2cf-3266-40ca-8d5f-372986645286.xml

Using DATASET includes and serving OpenDAP
- or -
  1. 8f0ca2cf-3266-40ca-8d5f-372986645286 is the dataset identifier
  2. testdata is the variable in the netcdf file, can be left blank. When blank the first layer with type database is used.