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Maarten Plieger, 10/23/2013 07:39 AM

Configuration of an INSPIRE View Service

The following elements need to be configured to create an INSPIRE View Service:

  • WMS->Title needs to be set to [INSPIRE::TITLE]
  • WMS->Abstract needs to be set to [INSPIRE::ABSTRACT]
  • WMS->RootLayer->Title needs to be set to [INSPIRE::TITLE]
  • WMS->Inspire->ViewServiceCSW - The global view service document (CSW service) describing the view services
  • WMS->Inspire->DatasetCSW - The dataset CSW service describing the dataset
  • WMS->Inspire->AuthorityURL - The name and URL of the Authority offering the data
  • WMS->Inspire->Identifier - The identifier of the Authority
  • Layer->Abstract - An abstract describing the layer, Name and Title needs to be set as normal

    <TitleFont     location="/data/fonts/FreeSans.ttf" size="19"/>
    <SubTitleFont  location="/data/fonts/FreeSans.ttf" size="10"/>
    <DimensionFont location="/data/fonts/FreeSans.ttf" size="7"/>
    <ContourFont   location="/data/fonts/FreeSans.ttf" size="7"/>
    <GridFont      location="/data/fonts/FreeSans.ttf" size="5"/>
    <WMSFormat name="image/png" format="image/png"/>
      <AuthorityURL name="NL.KNMI" onlineresource=""/>
      <Identifier authority="NL.KNMI" id="id_value"/>

    <Abstract>nice abstract describing the layer</Abstract>