AutoResource (enableautoopendap, enablelocalfile, enablecache)

AutoResource enables the creation of WMS services on the fly from opendap resources and local files. This can be useful to quicklook an opendap data resource, or to create WMS services on the fly on a bunch of files residing in a directory.

  • enableautoopendap - Set to "true" to allow external opendap connections
  • enablelocalfile - Set to true to allow the server to read local files, in this case additional Dir elements must be configured.
  • enablecache - Optional defaults to false
      <AutoResource enableautoopendap="false" enablelocalfile="false" enablecache="false" >
        <Dir basedir="/data/sdpkdc/" prefix="/data/sdpkdc/"/>
        <Dir basedir="/data/omi/" prefix="/data/omi/"/>

Files can now be accessed by adding the source=/data/ to the WMS and WCS urls.

  • See Dir for configuration of the Dir element
  • When using AutoResource, a style with name "auto" needs to be configured, see Style

Using autoresource and serving OpenDAP

  1. data/ is the file identifier
  2. testdata is the variable in the netcdf file
  • Dataset must be disabled in this case
  • See OpenDAP for serving data with opendap.