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Ernst de Vreede, 11/22/2018 07:11 AM

Adding DWD ICON-EU data to ADAGUC

In this tutorial we will add some fields from DWD's public ICON-EU model to ADAGUC. The data will be retrieved from an AWS S3 bucket, converted to NetCDF with FIMEX ( and then added to the ADAGUC AutoWMS service.

For retrieving the data we will use the AWS client program, which you can install by running
sudo apt install python-pip
pip install aws-cli

The script (attached below) uses the aws client program to retrieve data files for a number of parameters and is called like this:

mkdir $HOME/ICON_data
cd $HOME/ICON_data
bash 2018112200
The ICO files should appear in a subdirectory named 2018112200

For conversion to NetCDF we will use fimex, installed in a Docker container.
Download the attached Dockerfile and use it to build a Docker image for fimex.
docker build -t fimex .

This Docker image can be run as followed:
docker run --mount type=bind,source=`pwd`,target=/app -w /app fimex fimex --input.config cdmGribReaderConfig_DWD_ICON_EU.xml --input.file "glob:2018112200/*grib2" --input.type grib2 --input.printNcML --ncml.config DWD_ICON_EU.ncml --output.type nc4 --output.file

FIMEX needs a few configuration files to describe the conversion:
  • cdmGribReaderConfig_DWD_ICON_EU.xml - describes the grib parameters
  • DWD_ICON_EU.ncml - describes some changes to be made to the NetCDF parameters for removing unwanted dimensions

We can then copy the file the AutoWMS directory for previewing:
cp $HOME/data/adaguc-autowms

URL: http://localhost:3382/adaguc-services/adagucserver?

cdmGribReaderConfig_DWD_ICON_EU.xml View (27.5 KB) Ernst de Vreede, 11/22/2018 07:14 AM

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Dockerfile - Dockerfile for fimex (423 Bytes) Ernst de Vreede, 11/22/2018 07:15 AM