ACSAF Project

    • SIF

      Het SIF sub-project

  • ADAGUC ADAGUC is a geographical information system to visualize netCDF files via the web. The software consists of a server side C++ application and a client side JavaScript application. The software provides several features to access and visualize data over the web, it uses OGC WMS and WCS standards for data dissemination. ...

  • dummy

    This subproject contains management information and is for KNMI use 0nly.


    CLIPC provides access to climate data

  • Eumetnet WgINS

    The EUMETNET Council accepted at its 26th meeting in October 2005 the creation of the Working Group on Instrumentation (WG-INS) with the objective to exchange information on test reports, test results, future national test campaigns, tender procedures and requests for extra information....

  • is-enes

    This project page contains the technical information and software repositories.

  • KNMI DataLab

    The KNMI DataLab facilitates data-driven innovations required by collaborative projects of public and private parties. The DataLab has a pool of experts that can provide assistance in performing data science activities which comprises both Big data analytics and Big data engineering activities. In addition, a knowledge base system can be consulted and include all results of performed DataLab experiments. A highly scalable infrastructure is avaialble for storing and processing data, and includes comprehensive tooling. The DataLab uses a Open Knowledge policy....

  • S5P fileformat coordination

    Coordinate fileformat questions.

    This part has been closed, use [[]] instead.

  • S5P-L2-Fluorescence

    Fluoressence retrieval for inclusion into the FRESCO processor.

  • Cloudnet Processing Chain

    The Cloudnet Processing Chain is a package developed by the University of Reading for processing ground based Remote Sensing observations for retrieving atmospheric properties and model evaluation.

  • HighResMIP

    HighResMIP project

  • WOW-NL

    WOW allows anyone to submit their own weather data, anywhere in the world.

    This project page is dedicated to (new) features tracking. Involved: the Met Office, KNMI, DOTNet (WOW-UK developer) and Label-A (WOW-NL developer)

  • TM5-MP


    The new generation of TM5, a global chemistry transport model. Lean and fast. More information on the wiki (tab above).

    • 4D-VAR

      The 4D-variational data-assimilation built upon TM5-MP.

  • TM5-ZOOM

    This is the portal for the TM5-zoom model, i.e. the original TM5 model. For TM5-MP, where chemistry is further developed, go to the TM5-MP portal.

    The TM5-zoom model simulates transport & chemistry of atmospheric tracer(s). Zooming consists in 2-way nested regions. 4D-variational data-assimilation built upon TM5-zoom is possible. It is based on the adjoint of the transport code (including zoom), and is hosted elsewhere (see the homepage for further details)....

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