PyCAMA version 0.2.4 released

Some bug fixes, some output format changes
Added by Maarten Sneep over 4 years ago

Some internal interfaces were changed, and the output format was changed in a few details.

  • The keyword parameters for the filter functions are no longer merged per variable. Instead they are taken care of by individual filter objects. This means that the same filter can be used multiple times on a single variable. It also means that keys do not have to be unique. In short: this change probably avoids a lot of headaches.
  • Event counters are now stored per granule, rather than aggregated per day. This means that the granularity of the event counters is now finer in the MPC, allowing for a more fine-grained support. Note that this required a change in the output format, previous PyCAMA output files can not be read anymore.
  • Doxygen comments have been added, and a Doxygen configuration file has been added (for Doxygen 1.8.13).
  • A separate script has been added which can generate a report based on the PyCAMA netCDF file (without requiring a job order file).

The manual has been updated to 4.1.0 and is available in the DMSF.