PyCAMA 0.2.3 released

Several minor and some major issues resolved
Added by Maarten Sneep over 4 years ago

A short summary of the resolved issue can be found below

  • The installation issue #1155 reported by Lidia has been resolved.
  • Variables without valid data in a granule lead to a variable length mismatch. This has been resolved.
  • An option has been added to exclude parameters from the scatter density plots.
  • A division by 0 error has been removed (could be triggered by a run with very few variables.
  • Several filters were added, including a Debug filter to print information about variables as they pass through the filter system.
  • Comparing different versions of the same product is now fully supported.
  • The number of warnings that is allowed before an error is generated has been increased.
  • In the script an option has been added to add a label to the output file names.
  • A summary line can be added to the joborder by adding a dynamic processing parameter to the job order.

The manual has been updated to release 4.0.0 (see