PyCAMA version "0.1.4" available

Support analysing OMI L2 files, make installing PyCAMA easier.
Added by Maarten Sneep over 4 years ago

This new release supports OMI L2 files as well as Sentinel 5 precursor files. We use a fair amount of metadata, which means that attributes in either format are required to reconstruct the metadata. This may require some significant amount of code to support in your own files. I'll try to isolate these parts in an upcoming release to make it easier to support PyCAMA in your own files, or for instance the QA4ECV files.

We now have a script, making it easier to install PyCAMA.

The provided configuration is work in progress. Two events are happening at the same time:

  • The L2 processors are using new variable names. The DLR L2 processors have been delivered already, the KNMI processors are currently updated. This requires changes to the configuration file.
  • The configuration, in particular for the DLR L2 products has to be refined further with filters to select the desired data.

You are encouraged to experiment with the software and report issues you may find.