Pre-release version available in the repository

The repository contains a "working beta" release.
Added by Maarten Sneep over 4 years ago

I've pushed the current development state out to the repository. I consider this a "working beta" release. Parts of the code are untested, in particular the data transformers (in particular column integration) and some unsynchronized data handling, but it should be good to use on test data (for instance GOME-2 based data from VT-07B).

The installation procedure is not finalized at this point. For the development version it is easiest to add pycama/src to your $PYTHONPATH environment variable. The script in test/cases/SYS-001-001-FRESCO-OFFL/ gives an example on how to call PyCAMA. I've yet to find a solution to include actual input test data, so the test case currently doesn't work.

The software user manual is available in the DMSF of the project. A more specific question will follow within a few weeks.