Release of PyCAMA 0.9.0

Version 0.9.0 of PyCAMA has been released. This is a maintenance release.
Added by Maarten Sneep almost 4 years ago

The following issues were resolved in this release:

  • Allow for different ranges in the histogram and world plots (#15331). Note that the feature was actually already available, RTFM.
  • Use an explicit color for missing data in the world plots (#14761)
  • Added zonal average plots (#13911) Note: the zonal averages are collected through the standard L3 collection, not directly from the original level 2 data. This will likely change in a future version, to facilitate request #15141 also for zonal averages.
  • Fixed the collapse of the horizontal axis (#13401)
  • Updated configuration (#9321)

As usual the release can be downloaded from the DMSF page

The following feature requests have been moved to upcoming release.

  • #9311: Processing status & lineage as table
  • #15131: Hemispheric collection of statistics
  • #15141: Collect data split by land/sea
  • #15151: Handling background correction parameters for SO2 and HCHO
  • #15161: Better handle wavelength calibration parameters in UPAS products
  • Clean up the daily extractions (specifically for the NPP-VIIRS and ozone profile products).

The upcoming release has been labelled 0.10.0 in the roadmap, but may well become 1.0.0.