PyCAMA: PyCAMA 0.9.2

Added by Maarten Sneep almost 4 years ago

  • Zonal averages are now collected independently, but use the world plot as a fallback. When collected separately the zonal mean is done separately for land, sea and all pixels. The default resolution is 1 degree.
  • The statistics are now also recorded per hemisphere and for land and sea pixels separately (for five sets in total). This solves issues #15131 and #15141.
  • Fix a bug then processing a product without surface classification.

PyCAMA: Release of PyCAMA 0.9.0

Added by Maarten Sneep almost 4 years ago

The following issues were resolved in this release:

  • Allow for different ranges in the histogram and world plots (#15331). Note that the feature was actually already available, RTFM.
  • Use an explicit color for missing data in the world plots (#14761)
  • Added zonal average plots (#13911) Note: the zonal averages are collected through the standard L3 collection, not directly from the original level 2 data. This will likely change in a future version, to facilitate request #15141 also for zonal averages.
  • Fixed the collapse of the horizontal axis (#13401)
  • Updated configuration (#9321)

As usual the release can be downloaded from the DMSF page

The following feature requests have been moved to upcoming release.

  • #9311: Processing status & lineage as table
  • #15131: Hemispheric collection of statistics
  • #15141: Collect data split by land/sea
  • #15151: Handling background correction parameters for SO2 and HCHO
  • #15161: Better handle wavelength calibration parameters in UPAS products
  • Clean up the daily extractions (specifically for the NPP-VIIRS and ozone profile products).

The upcoming release has been labelled 0.10.0 in the roadmap, but may well become 1.0.0.

PyCAMA: PyCAMA 0.7.2 available for download

Added by Maarten Sneep over 4 years ago

Version 0.7.2 was released earlier, but was pulled from the server because testing revealed issues. These have been fixed, and all currently produced L2 products can be processed. Specifically a workaround has been introduced to allow PyCAMA to process more than a single NPP file at a time.

Note that feedback from ATBD authors on the reports and the parameter settings is more than welcome.

The code can be pulled via Mercurial, or a zip archive can be found in the DMSF.

PyCAMA: Version 0.6.10 available for download

Added by Maarten Sneep about 5 years ago

In version 0.6.10 several minor issues in the plot routines were corrected.

  • Open input file while plotting as read-only instead of append
  • Explicitly call out name of script in output messages
  • Improve error handling (better deal with corrupt netcdf files)
  • Add a spectrum extractor for S5P (separate script, can write output for QDOAS and DISAMAR)

PyCAMA: PyCAMA 0.6.7 released

Added by Maarten Sneep over 5 years ago

A minor update to PyCAMA has been released.

  • An issue with the sensing time in the job order has been fixed, but be sure to read the (updated) manual. The sensing time works on the assigned time for the granule, not on individual measurements. Our advise is to leaf it of and only offer the files you want to have analysed.
  • A graphical representation of the input data has been added to the report, as well as a plot showing the failure modes.
  • The version check when plotting has been relaxed. The bug fix release is now ignored, only the major and minor version numbers are now relevant.

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