Bug #23861

Updated by Vincent Huijnen over 2 years ago

updated NH2 and NH2O2 chemistry has been introduced in TM5-MP, according to the following reaction mechanism:

NH3 4NH3 + OH = NH2
NH2 + NO = Products
NH2 + NO2 = Products
NH2 + HO2 = NH3
NH2 + OH = Products
NH2 = NO

NH2 + O3 = NH2O2
NH2O2 + NO = NH2 + NO2
NH2O2 + O3 = NH2
NH2O2 + HO2 = NH2

This is documented in Williams et al. (GMD 2017), referring to Hauglustaine et al (ACP 2014).
However, Hauglustaine et al (2014) does not define the tracer 'NH2O2', but rather 'NH2O'.
With this change in tracer name, the reaction mechanism suggested by Jason seems basically consistent again with literature.

Still I am not convinced whether the NH2O chemistry is worth the inclusion, as many of the rates are estimated rather than observed.
It seems more appropriate to follow more closely the mechanism proposed by Hauglustaine, (or simply neglect NH2O chemistry). There seems little justification for this extended NH2O chemistry?