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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
15331PyCAMABugResolvedNormalAllow for different ranges in the histogram and world plot.Maarten Sneep01/16/2019 04:57 PM
15161PyCAMAFeatureNewNormalBetter handle wavelength calibration parameters in UPAS productsMaarten Sneep01/16/2019 04:25 PM
15151PyCAMAFeatureNewNormalHandling background correction parameters for SO2 and HCHOMaarten Sneep01/16/2019 04:25 PM
15141PyCAMAFeatureNewNormalCollect data split by land/seaMaarten Sneep01/16/2019 04:25 PM
15131PyCAMAFeatureNewNormalHemispheric collection of statisticsMaarten Sneep01/16/2019 04:26 PM
14951TM5-MPSupportResolvedNormalAre we using the wrong geopotential field?01/14/2019 11:17 AM
14761PyCAMAFeatureResolvedNormal[Pycama] Use explicit fill colour for missing values in L3 plotsMaarten Sneep01/16/2019 04:34 PM
14161PyCAMASupportFeedbackNormalTime dependent QC questionnaire01/16/2019 05:57 PM
14021PyCAMASupportNewNormalInclude TM5 monitoring on the L2QC websiteHenk Eskes11/22/2018 02:42 PM
13921PyCAMASupportNewNormalL2QC Website updatesMaarten Sneep11/16/2018 02:52 PM
13911PyCAMAFeatureResolvedNormalAdd zonal average plotsMaarten Sneep11/19/2018 02:19 PM
13811PyCAMASupportNewNormalPyCAMA L2QC Reporting BugsMaarten Sneep11/16/2018 02:23 PM
12101TM5-MPFeatureNewLowUpdating Corner halo grid boxes10/10/2018 03:39 PM
11771TM5-MPFeatureIn ProgressNormalWindspeed as new met field10/05/2018 03:35 PM
11761TM5-MPBugNewLowoverflow in PDUMP09/26/2018 09:44 AM
10391TM5-MPFeatureIn ProgressLowRunning on one processor07/04/2018 09:53 AM
10281TM5-MPTaskNewLowDry deposition of gas-phase H2SO4 and DMS07/03/2018 12:51 PM
10261TM5-MPTaskIn ProgressNormalsingle site for TM5-MP with directions for new users 07/06/2018 07:32 AM
10251TM5-MPFeatureNewNormalHigh resolution ERA507/02/2018 10:29 AM
10241TM5-MPFeatureNewNormalfast track ERA5 pre-processing07/02/2018 10:27 AM
10231TM5-MPFeatureNewNormalERA5 meteo07/02/2018 10:25 AM
10221TM5-MPFeatureIn ProgressNormalMOGUNTIA and KPP09/20/2018 01:59 PM
10211TM5-MPTaskNewNormalAerosol opticsTommi Bergman07/02/2018 09:38 AM
9321PyCAMASupportNewNormalUpdate configuration of PyCAMA for daily extractionsMaarten Sneep01/16/2019 04:59 PM
9311PyCAMAFeatureNewNormalProcessing status & lineage as tableMaarten Sneep01/16/2019 04:26 PM
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