Bug #595

Generation of qsub job file seems broken

Added by Andreas Hilboll over 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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I believe that in line 1053 of should read

qopt.append( '#$ -%s %s\n' % (opt,val) )

instead of

qopt.append( '#PBS -%s %s\n' % (opt,val) )

That's in the function QueueOptions_Qsub, and this would be consistent with the comment in lines 1148-1157, where it says

# === Note that there are several implementations of PBS and the "pbs queue" 
# === here, although it also uses the qsub command, differs from the "qsub
# === queue" defined above. The later uses #$ directives, while the pbsPro
# === directives start with #PBS.

If you agree, I can fix this myself and push to the repository (if I have the rights to do so).


#1 Updated by Philippe Le Sager over 6 years ago

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I assume that you are looking at the TM5-MP code. You believe correctly. It used to be the case. A quick svn annotate tells me that Andy J. made the change from #$ to #PBS when porting TM5-MP to his machine. I use PBSpro at ECMWF ("PBS option" in, while you need the "QSUB option" as it was before r183. I wonder if Andy could have use the "PBS option" in the first place instead of modifying the qsub one. That's what I would push for first. Or (not my favorite option) do we switch to 3 pbs options in the script: a qsub, a pbs and a pbspro option? Andy is not very active with the TM5-MP code I think. I can briefly talk about it with him next week.
Meanwhile I'd say go ahead and revert that qsub option. But you will have to do it in your branch, or won't be able to commit. I am the only on who can commit to the trunk.

#2 Updated by Philippe Le Sager over 4 years ago

  • Project changed from TM5-ZOOM to TM5-MP

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