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budget consistent with mmix

Added by Philippe Le Sager over 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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budget is still computed over the run period, while mmix is over the smallest of month and run period (ie never longer than a month). This needs to be fixed for run longer than a month (typically in EC-Earth).


#1 Updated by Philippe Le Sager almost 7 years ago

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This turns out more complicated than it was for mmix. Until this is fixed, we have to run EC-Earth with legs of 1 month (this is currently a bit expensive to start and restart a run) if we want monthly budget files.

What is needed in cbm5 (and similar in cbm4):

./proj/cb05/wet_deposition.F90:295: call Init(io, budget_file_global, 'write', status) ! the budget part of those should move into something
./proj/cb05/emission.F90:457:       call Init(io, budget_file_global, 'write', status) ! similar to user_output_step, with calls to write and
./proj/cb05/sedimentation.F90:345:  call Init(io, budget_file_global, 'write', status) ! close budget file if needed, and open a new one:
./proj/cb05/chemistry.F90:339:      call Init(io, budget_file_global, 'write', status) ! a write-and-reset like in user_output_mmix/accumulate_mmix

and in the base:
./base/initexit.F90:199:    call done_budget_global ( rcode )   ! should move inside the time loop ?
./base/initexit.F90:770:    call init_budget_global ( rcode )   ! should move inside the time loop ?

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