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Python 2 becoming obsolete

Added by Tommi Bergman 25 days ago. Updated 25 days ago.

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Just realised that the new supercomputer in Finland will have python 3 as default. Officially Python 2 will be retired at the end of this year. Probably after this Computing centres start to force updating to python 3. Therefore, we should think about updating the pycasso processing to python 3. It's not urgent but probably needs to be done by some not so distant future date.


#1 Updated by Philippe Le Sager 25 days ago

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May be more urgent than we think. At ECMWF, python 2 is already not supported (although available), but will not be available after the migration to Bologna. Of course we could always install it ourselves (pretty straightforward with conda), but I think it is better to switch to python3.

Should we have two sets of py scripts, one for python 2.7.x and the other for 3.6+? I don't think so, but maybe there are arguments for it. I'm really not in favor of having one set that handle both major versions.

I gave a quick try at porting to python3. I run 2to3 on all python files in the bin dir and did not get any error. But trying to run TM5 did not work right away. I made a couple of small obvious fixes (eg, remove import execptions), but then an issue popped up with when trying to parse the included rc files. To be continued... Feel free to give a go, I won't be able to look closer into it for a long time.

#2 Updated by Tommi Bergman 25 days ago

What do you mean by error. Since it sounds a bit funny, since my 2to3 gives the following(only the last bit not the diff):

RefactoringTool: Files that need to be modified:
RefactoringTool: bin/
RefactoringTool: bin/
RefactoringTool: bin/
RefactoringTool: bin/
RefactoringTool: bin/
RefactoringTool: bin/
RefactoringTool: bin/
RefactoringTool: bin/

#3 Updated by Philippe Le Sager 25 days ago

By "no error", I mean the writing of the modified files went ok. But yeah, it that doesn't mean the files are ok ;)

I had to pass a list of files to 2to3 to be sure that all python scripts are parsed, i.e. to include the ones not ending with".py" like some of the "submit_tm5*".

The problem with the include files I mentioned above is gone; it was an issue with my environment. After replacing a couple of:

if key in rcf:
if rcf.has_key(key):
I was able to get a bit further. Now I have a Unicode issue:

[INFO    ]   copy files from source directories...
[INFO    ]     remove "__<name>" parts from sources files ...
[INFO    ]     scanning base ...
[INFO    ]     scanning levels/ml60 ...
[INFO    ]     scanning levels/ml60/tropo34 ...
[INFO    ]     scanning proj/output ...
[INFO    ]     scanning proj/budget10 ...
[INFO    ]     scanning proj/cb05 ...
[ERROR   ] Traceback (most recent call last):
[ERROR   ]   File "setup_tm5", line 63, in <module>
[ERROR   ]     pycasso.Main( args, pycasso_user_scripts )
[ERROR   ]   File "/home/ms/nl/nm6/TM5MP/bin3/", line 253, in Main
[ERROR   ]     Build_Copy( rcf, pycasso_user_scripts )
[ERROR   ]   File "/home/ms/nl/nm6/TM5MP/bin3/", line 786, in Build_Copy
[ERROR   ]     if pycasso_tools.diff_text_files(sourcefile,targetfile) :
[ERROR   ]   File "/home/ms/nl/nm6/TM5MP/bin3/", line 55, in diff_text_files
[ERROR   ]     lines1 = f.readlines()
[ERROR   ]   File "/usr/local/apps/python3/3.6.8-01/lib/python3.6/", line 321, in decode
[ERROR   ]     (result, consumed) = self._buffer_decode(data, self.errors, final)
[ERROR   ] UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xb5 in position 1046: invalid start byte
[ERROR   ] 
[ERROR   ] exception from pycasso.Main

#4 Updated by Arjo Segers 25 days ago

Alternative is to switch to the 'utopya' scripting, now already used in the 'adjoint' branch.
Works fine under py2 and py3.
Advantage is that it creates sequence of jobs that can be configured individually, for example "install", "build", "run", and "post" each with different queue options (cores, memory, etc).

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