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Option to fix emissions of individual species or groups

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To facilitate running the AerChemMIP sensitiviy experiments, I have included a number of switches that enable to fix the emissions of individual species or groups of species to a specified year. In the new code, these settings are only applied to the emissions from anthropogenic and biomass burning sources.

I have kept the existing option to fix the emission year of all components:

! Set emissions base year (default to simulation year if commented)
!input.emis.year :

New switches have been included to fix the emissions of NTCFs (all species except methane), aerosol precursors (BC, OA, SOx, NH3), ozone precursors (NOx, CO, NMVOCs), or these species individually.

To use these switches, the following lines should be added in the rc-file (preferably after the lines quoted above):

! Additional switches to fix the emissions of
! anthropogenic and biomass burning emissions to a specific year
! (as required in AerChemMIP).
! The year of emissions can be controlled for the whole group of NTCFs,
! for the sub-groups of aerosol and ozone precursors,
! and/or for the individual species.
! Note that settings for individual species or else the subgroup
! to which they belong are leading.
! If these are commented, input.emis.year.ntcf or
! else input.emis.year is used.
! If these are also commented,
! the actual year of simulation is used.
! Near-Term Climate Forcers (NTCFs), excl. CH4
!input.emis.year.ntcf :
! Aerosol precursors (BC, OC, NH3, SOx)
!input.emis.year.aer :
!input.emis.year.bc :
!input.emis.year.oc :
!input.emis.year.sox :
!input.emis.year.nh3 :
! Ozone precursors (NOx, CO, NMVOCs incl. isoprene and mononterpenes)
! Note that in AerChemMIP, the year for CO should be that for NMVOCs.
!input.emis.year.o3 :
!input.emis.year.nox :
! :
!input.emis.year.nmvoc :


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