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Running on one processor

Added by Philippe Le Sager almost 4 years ago. Updated 25 days ago.

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Andy asked: "For my applications, there is no compelling reason to switch to TM5-MP. We use an ensemble estimation scheme, where it is trivial to parallelize using the ensemble itself. Therefore, I have stayed with the zoom version so far, but it is clear that we will need to change to TM5-MP soon. So: what if I want to keep running the way I do already, without subdomains? Can TM5-MP run with only one (global) domain?"

First test running on one core fails with this traceback:

Rank 0 [Tue Jul  3 17:56:23 2018] [c1-1c0s8n2] Fatal error in PMPI_Type_free: Invalid datatype, error stack:
PMPI_Type_free(157): MPI_Type_free(datatype_p=0x7fffb2939640) failed
PMPI_Type_free(89).: Invalid datatype
forrtl: error (76): Abort trap signal
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source          00002AAE1E143CF1  tbk_trace_stack_i     Unknown  Unknown      00002AAE1E141E2B  tbk_string_stack_     Unknown  Unknown
tm5mp.x            00000000015C8B24  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
tm5mp.x            00000000015C8936  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
tm5mp.x            0000000001570539  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
tm5mp.x            0000000001574854  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
libpthread-2.11.3  00002AAE1F6DA850  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown     00002AAE1FB94875  gsignal               Unknown  Unknown     00002AAE1FB95E51  abort                 Unknown  Unknown  00002AAE1EE24BD8  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown  00002AAE1EDACE02  MPIR_Handle_fatal     Unknown  Unknown  00002AAE1EDACF3E  MPIR_Err_return_c     Unknown  Unknown  00002AAE1ED18DD3  MPI_Type_free         Unknown  Unknown  00002AAE1ED780F1  PMPI_TYPE_FREE        Unknown  Unknown
tm5mp.x            00000000005C45E0  domain_decomp_mp_        1171  domain_decomp.F90
tm5mp.x            00000000005CD68F  domain_decomp_mp_        2831  domain_decomp.F90
tm5mp.x            0000000000DD77F8  meteo_mp_setup_mf        4952  meteo.F90
tm5mp.x            0000000000D99488  meteo_mp_meteo_se        1647  meteo.F90
tm5mp.x            0000000000A926CB  initexit_mp_start         562  initexit.F90
tm5mp.x            0000000001019D08  tm5_mp_tm5_model_         986  tm5.F90
tm5mp.x            00000000010CA2B6  MAIN__                     63  tracer.F90
tm5mp.x            000000000041133E  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown     00002AAE1FB80C36  __libc_start_main     Unknown  Unknown
tm5mp.x            0000000000411249  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown


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Fixed after we moved to gitlab to manage the development.

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