Version #5016: New heterogeneous chemistry scheme

Added by Michiel van Weele over 7 years ago

Here the heterogeneous chemistry scheme developed by Vincent Huijnen and others
is compared using the benchmark simulation for the year 2006.

The ozone loss through O3+OH and O3+HO2 is significantly reduced.
Also the (net) ozone production is lower with the new heterogeneous chamistry

THe CO loss through CO + OH is reduced as well as the CO production reaction
CH2O + OH. As a result the overall impact of the new heterogeneous chemsitry
on CO is ratehr small.

See the pdf file for the budget comparison

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RE: Version #5016: New heterogeneous chemistry scheme - Added by Philippe Le Sager over 7 years ago

See On the upgrade of heterogeneous chemistry in TM5 for information about the implementation of the new scheme.

It is also worth noting that

"...inclusion of Vincent's het. chem. in the trunk
helps to remove a recently discovered bug in the het chem reaction of
N2O5 on sulphate aerosols in case one runs the chemistry coupled with
m7. Then the gaseous iso4 mass is currently taken, not the sulphate
aerosol mass. When running without m7 there was no bug. Inclusion of
new het. chemistry solves also when running with m7."