Version #4993: Global 1x1 compared with global 3x2

Added by Michiel van Weele over 7 years ago

Comparison of release r4993 on global 1x1 against global 3x2.

- Trunk/base version, no additional projects used
- Full Year 2006. Analysis of the CO, ozone, N and S budgets

For the lightning NOx emissions a scaling factor for global 1x1
has been derived based on full year of simulation of the year 2006
This scaling factor has then been applied in this simulation,
resulting in the same amount of ligthning NOx emissions.

See the pdf files for the budget comparison (CORRECTION: the net production for the 1x1 case should read 515 and not 485), and for the comparison with observations.

Tags: #CObudget #O3budget #Nbudget #Sbudget

2014-01-TMBENCH-4993H.pdf (64.8 KB)

comp_with_observations_overall_lowhigh.pdf - comparison with observations digest (349 KB)