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Added by Michiel van Weele over 7 years ago

The chemistry benchmark forum is used to document and discuss changes from new features or/and bug fixes.
Posts include pdf's with plots comparing TM5 output with a standard set of observations.

The postings are organized per version number and a short label referring to the new feature or bug fix being documented.

The following 'tags' are used in the posts to help find important active topics across different benchmarks:

#CObudget, incl. CO NH bias, comparisons with MOPITT, MOZAIC and surface CO
#O3budget, incl. comparisons with ozone sondes, MOZAIC and surface O3
#Nbudget, incl. comparions with satellite NO2
#chemistry, incl. updates in reaction rates, het. chemistry, chemical scheme, chemical solver etc
#emissions, incl. updates on use of different inventories
#deposition, incl. update on changes in the parameterizations

For each tag a short of startpoint based on either release4 or a newer version will be posted

These tags might be updated over time.