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HighResMIP: New HighResMIP homepage
A new set of web pages for HighResMIP is being developed
Added by Malcolm Roberts over 1 year ago

HighResMIP: HighResMIP contribution to CMIP6 special issue of GMD
Added by Rein Haarsma over 2 years ago

HighResMIP: HighResMIP poster
The poster will be presented at at the CMIP/EMBRACE meeting
Added by Malcolm Roberts almost 3 years ago

HighResMIP: Updated HighResMIP protocol
Response to HighResMIP CMIP panel review
Added by Malcolm Roberts about 3 years ago

HighResMIP: HighResMIP at EGU
HighResMIP splinter meeting at EGU in Vienna
Added by Malcolm Roberts over 3 years ago

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